You are the music of the words

You are the music of the words.

The words are drawn with stars’ archery,
They are the melodious music of silence,
I like the words that say without saying,
I like the words invented in the dream,
I like the words that have the scent of blue,
The words are made to be thrown out of us
and held next to us
the words are made to fly away like dandelion heads,
the words are clouds following your eyes,
the words are boundaries in which to stop
as sand islands in the sea
like oases in Tuaregs’ desert,
the words are limits to overcome
or front gates to stop with a beating heart,
the words are secret gardens
little eden in the soul,
the words are new to reinvent,
the words are sons of silence to lull,
the words are shy plant shoots
that will become beautiful flowers

and then they’ll turn in cute kites,
the words are light and shadow,
the words cannot translate my heart
changing of name and meaning
masquerading of intangible magic.
They light up like lightning in the storm
wearing rainbows
sometimes lighting of immense
sometimes singing melodies
the words ride the night and the dreams
the words dream,
the words need time
to be spoken or unspoken,
the words swim voiceless
as secret ocean currents,
the words smuggle emotions,
the words are black mandibles of ants,
the words are dragonflies improving the flight,
the words are sticks insects camouflaging,
the words are clubs juggling,
the words are bold flies and hummingbirds,
the words are cobwebs of memories,
the words are love poems,
the words are music.
They are sound
They are sleep
and dream
They are silence
and nothing more



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