Your meter for the world


How can you measure the world?

You measure the world

night and day,
you prepare schemes and
mathematical functions,
you refine pigreco ‘s numbers
drawing decoding maps,
by night you project them
by day you turn into questions ,
because the world is a work in progress

without any sure forecast
everything changes in one second
and everything must be arranged

from the beginning again.

You move and define world’s boundaries
you impose yourself complicated rules
to comprehend ,
you organize the world’s knowledge,
you write equations of love,
you build dams upon the sea,
you erect skyscrapers to the stars,
you flip trees’ root
to make free kites in the blue sky.

Unforecastable disarrays your mindset
making inconsistent Your thoughts
The scale must be calibrated
The weights must be calibrated
you will need an accurate meter
for your perfect fit of the world
which matter are you going to forge it with ?
Stone exfoliates,
Iron rusts,
Glass breaks,
paper rips,
wood burns.

It will be of clouds:
It will not burn like wood.
It will of hope:
It is stronger than reality.
It will be of love:
It is more tender than stone.
It will of freedom:
It is more fragile than glass.
It will be of happiness:
It is lighter than paper.

It will be of stardust
in love
travelling the universe
and speaking to everybody
your message of love
and peace.

Which matter are you going to forge
your meter for the world with ?



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