never minding flowers

fioriNever minding flowers

Flowers bloom
Roses sting thorns  inside me
there’s always someone you are writing for,
even if he won’t read you,
because writing is
another way of loving.
The fox imprisoned in cage
looks at roses
and watch me
at the bottom of my eyes.
I see a little boy smiling
in his heart is trapped fox,

little boy smiles hiddendly,

the fox reflects into his eyes,

little boy ‘s hands tremble as flying.
The flowers bloom
even if no one wait for them
flowers never mind blooming,

it happens.
Suddenly bloom,
or at night,
or in the morning for a few hours,
the petals crumpled

then closed again,

bloom for nothing at all,
bloom after years of silent waking,
unnecessarily bloom,

without a reason,
bloom gently,

without a need,

unexpected bloom

black on dead winter tree’s branches,
in vain
without a hope,
without a smile,
bloom as if it were the last time,

bloom in arid soil

beautiful and colorful

just for a bee’s kiss,

firmly bloom

never minding of themselves.

Flowers bloom
and sting their thorns into me
leaving the impression of a petal’s velvet,
the fox and the boy are smiling
and making roses blossom

never minding how to do it.



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