You said goodbye.

You said goodbye.

You said goodbye to me.

Twice you said goodbye,
to me, to me,
I remained ,first,
not be believed,
then I began to fall,
falling down and down
in a bottomless void,

and so empty.
You said goodbye to me,
Why to me, I do not know,
You said goodbye,
that you never say goodbye,
that you fear the end of things,
you told me goodbye,
I never would have told you,
I never would tell you,
‘cause you can’t say goodbye,
‘cause it is forbidden
to say goodbye
not even when they weld with fire

the zinc coffin,
you told me goodbye
why I could not figure it out
nor understand
nor accept
I asked you again
if it really was a goodbye,
if it was what you desired
Farewell, it was your answer
you severed me
tearing off
as a root of a plant useless,
as a Phlomis Eduard Bowls,
yellow flower on a high stem dried,

lasting to wind and drought.
What harm had I done
if I I told you that I loved you!
Do you know you hurted me?
Because we were running together
on the wire of a highway
with a one voice
and I couldn’t anymore discernmy thoughts from yours,
and you opened the window of the car
and you hurled me away
on asphalt
going on your ride, alone:
my fragile parcel

in pieces of a puzzle useless …
I stood on the road
watching the pieces,
and there were my little pieces,
scattered on the ground,
and I did not know how to join them back…
so split
so inert
so unnecessary.
I told you I loved you.
I wanted to forget
and I could not hate you.
If the day could briefly
not to think of you,
the night you went back,
the thought of you returned
and I hugged it,
I held it close on my heart,
I rocked it,
I consoled it,
I forgave it,
I sang love poems to it,
I would light stars to it,
I said those words to it
that you did not want
and because of you said goodbye.


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