Maybe a twin drop of rain

fiore 5

A twin drop of rain-
A twin drop of thought-

I would write a poem
to tell you how much I think of you,
while it is raining
now quiet now strong,
the intensity does not change,

when every drop resonates in my heart
I think about your tears,
I think that you allow the rain to get you wet

and I wish to be that rain.

“The black clouds running in the sky

and it starts raining suddenly
The poplars bow and then are back
and I listen to music inside me
and I feel free for a while.
I leave the world outside of me, for a moment.
For a moment it don’t crush me.
and then I go up to dry from the rain, damn.
But never mind. Can feel the drops one by one

is a kind of freedom. “

Just a single drop of thought –
just a single drop of rain-

I would like to explain
that sense of waiting to end the storm
without bringing destruction,
that sense of hope of eternal
without causing me loss,
that sense of suspension between your silence and your return
without being scared that you do not return more

I think
to you
while your tears mix with the rain
and you wonder what is your sense.

and look at the sky velvet away
and you’re sure that the stars and moon are always
although absent or invisible

I ask you
if just a single drop of rain
can overcome any distance
any difference
you answer

“It depends on the distance between things.
Between two atoms it is just a single molecule.
If we look at the man to the universe, it’s just an atom.
So just just just.
Just a single drop of thought. “

I think of you
I see you
I recreate you with the force of a drop of water
as the sky reflected in the puddles
I design a pure face
and a heart intact
I turn on your lips smiles
I lighten up your eyes
stopping your tears.

But it is only an illusion
not a single drop can-

Maybe a twin drop of rain,
maybe a twin drop of thought-


2 pensieri riguardo “Maybe a twin drop of rain

  1. Uaffaaa! Sempre quest’ostico inglese… Ed io che, asina come sono, devo sempre chiedere aiuto alle mie figlie!
    (che immancabilmente mi sfottono: dicono che Babele per me è il vero, l’unico, il solo castigo… )
    Ciao, buona giornata, buona settimana 😉

    Liked by 1 persona

    1. Dai c’e’ anche in italiano 🙂 lo sai che io mi diverto a tradurre cosi’ mi tengo in allenamento e alleno anche te:) grazie buona giornata, qui piove, e buon inizio di settimana…

      Mi piace


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