Autism and me.

I and the Fox, the child and the flower.

19th of September about a year ago.

It was the night before a departure, this time my depature, I was closing the bag thinking if I put everything when at the last second there is always something essential to carry with. And so just before close on my backpack it happened to meet a Fox, cute nice friendly, with the face of a good poet, and asks me to tame … Yes like the Fox of St. Exupery’s little Prince book … and now a Fox asked me to tame it , a Fox asked to me that I am a plant, one Phlomis precisely.

I was very surprised and fascinated : it doesn’t happen every day that a wild and mysterious creature as a Fox to ask such a thing.

The Fox said, ” tame me please … I need you to do as  the little Prince does with the Fox …. my autism give no place to people in person, autism is a bad companion because it makes you feel good by yourself, then when you don’t have anyone next and you realize this, and you don’t want to feel that same pain, again, of being alone so you resume of being  to leave all and everybody.

According to me the little Prince is a little autistic, he  has a Fox as best friend, he travels from planet to planet making meeting strange people but he remains alone  and hr cries for a rose.

I cried when a currant plant died in my garden and I get emotional when I see the Bluebells that emerge, they lurk , always they make me worry: and I think will they come  this spring, once again? And then when I don’t have much hope they come out.

I need someone to do as the little Prince does with Fox that day by day approaching a bit more, if you do too soon  the Fox gets scared and runs away, like me, I am the Fox and you may be a kind of  the little Prince. ”

I said okay, but I felt in my heart a trembling by fear and I thought if I were like the little Prince I should have died for a snake bite, it were inevitable sooner or later …

Fox reassured me: “you can’t make mistakes  by heart and in the case, the snake will be well received and it won’t bite you.”

By definition The Fox is  a wild animal and it cannot be tamed, therefore I respect it as such, but not to tame it does not mean  unaffordable or impossible to establish a relationship with it.

If a Fox asks me to tame, what could I do in front of such request?

After a few hours I left for a trip and I put a Fox into my backpack and I took it in my heart since now.

To tell the truth, the fact was that I didn’t meet just  a Fox but also a child and a flower at the same time …. Three things together.

But one day, inevitably, the snake came and bit me. It made me very badly, I cried a lot, I had lost a fox, a child and a flower ….

Very very sad to lose these three important things in just one second.

It happened that Phlomis made a movement too fast, and the Fox got frightened and ran away, the child’s eyes widened in amazement, and the flower dropped its petals.

So Phlomis wilted before they could see your own flower bloom.

The Fox was back in his lair, scared and worried, the child continued to make oh for small discoveries of stars or ants, and the flower was preparing new petal, most beautiful and secret.

But plants are stubborn and Phlomis awaited its return and one day to surprise the Fox returned …

Do you know how the foxes do, they make you believe they are gone instead they are hidden somewhere and investigating and thinking in silence and then come back…

And so the Fox and Phlomis took  dialogue again, because it is not true that foxes are unapproachable or unattainable and it is not true that there can be no friendship …

Fox puts the nose out of its lair, smelling world in search of love and pure goodness, the baby marvel at ladybugs while the flower with its bright blue atypical petals smiles …

And now  Phlomis looks the Fox running free, watches the wonder child, contemplates the flower that spreads its new, no more crumpled, petals.

And Phlomis is happy about that even if sometimes it can happen to cry.

To moon and back, by foot.

To moon and back, by foot.

luna 1

Take my hand to the moon and back, by foot
guide my steps with you,
a moonbeam touched down in your hair :
I follow you
you won’t lose me.
Tell me a silent story without words, without talking
so that I sleep quiet,
touch on me with the caress of your smile
so that I remember you,
hug me without touching me as a kind shadow
so that I may dream of you,
take my heart to moon and back, by foot,
and do not let me fall
I won ‘t let you fall,
ever shining stars dance around us
and when the moon will be turned off
I will love you secretly with my silver tenderness.

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