A wild Plum’s flower said to a Phlomis


A wild Plum’s flower said to a Phlomis, (little tale about why and how this blog was born)

One day a phlomis asked a to a wild Plum’s flower:
“What is the meaning of my life, if I am not a rose, if I am not beautiful as a rose, if I don’t smell as a rose, if I have not the colour red of a rose … what is a meaning, the inner sense, of a phlomis ?”
And the flower of Plum answered:
“Everything has a sense or it’s good for something, at least to make it feel happy for itself”
again the phlomis asked:
” But at last, what flowers need to bloom ?
Maybe, they simply flourish. ”
And the Plum replied:
“They need time. Just time. ”
Phlomis added:
” yes time, but also sun light, a little rain and eyes that admire them.
And of course soil, rocks, sand and a strong root.
Seneca says: the flower blooms if the root believes in the sun. ”
The Plum said nothing more, as usual, this wild flower says few, precise, well-reasoned words …
Then one day the Plum and the Phlomis discussed about blossom’s question.

Phlomis felt very bad, she was a little desperate and she thought of going away, but she could not forget the plum, so she decided to wait :  it was winter …. maybe the theory of plum could be right, it was only a matter of time … it would be worth while waiting …
From her window she watched the phlomis planted in the garden last spring, it had grown slowly but it was still alive and Phlomis wondered if she would see it in bloom at last.
In the meanwhile Phlomis decided to plant other flowers, tending the garden, and she changed petals and berries into words to tell soul travels and emotions …
and so this blog was born from a modest flower …

my advice to those who want to start a blog is
have patience, love and care and a few flowers
are coming, they could be a plum’s flower or a phlomis one or a rose…, let them blossom…

what do you think: what flowers need to bloom?

(photo from pixabay)


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