of your being in tense


Stretched sheet in the sun.

Aimed limit to perfection .

Tense spiderweb of dew.

Aimed bridge among tears of clouds.

Stretched elastic on the heart.

Tense chemistry between a circle and a square.

Aimed moon of peace.

Anxious rosebud among thorns.

Stretched star attempting to get universe.

Inclined gem that becomes an oak.

Tense string of emotions.

Aimed request for a sense.

Tense silence of an answer.

Tense rush of a comet.

Streched burst of lightning over the sea.
nding love that traces a path of dust.
Anxious waiting,
aimed tense, stretched love …
f your being in tense
I draw the bow and I become a slingshot.


17 pensieri riguardo “of your being in tense

    1. Grazie, questa e’ la traduzione della mia poesia del tuo essere teso, ho giocato sul significato e sulla traduzione in inglese della parola teso. A volte le traduzioni mi servono a capire megli

      Mi piace


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